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The best online poker sites allow you to download and start playing for free within minutes. You don’t have to give any credit card info and there are no time limits – you can play online poker for free as much as you want, and that’s a darn good way to learn to play. Below are some of the best online poker sites that allow unlimited free play.

PartyPoker – Top rated, excellent customer service, very easy to install and play, offers unlimited free play with tons of players.

PacificPoker – Another excellent online poker room with thousands of free players.

Most of the players playing on the free tables are beginners and of course those that just love to play but prefer not to gamble. (nothing wrong with that!) Sit at a free table and just play. Don’t be foolish with your betting, but don’t sweat it either, it’s play money and there’s plenty more where it came from. Below are some more quick tips for getting started playing online poker.

If you don’t already, get to know the game, the rules and of course poker hand strength like second nature. My favorite is Texas Hold’em which is what the Pros mostly play, and it’s a very easy game. Here’s the rules for Texas Hold’em.

Visit some good online poker sites and poker forums. is an excellent online poker directory and is a great poker forum for beginners and experts alike.

Watch the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker on TV. It’s amazing how much you can learn from watching these guys. The commentators add good insight as well.

Read a good poker book or two. Super System by Doyle Brunson is a great book and one of the most popular recommendations by the Pros.Play lots and lots of online poker. If you are playing with free money, don’t be afraid to try some different strategies – even if you lose, it’s better to mess around there than for real money.

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